2005 Liver Chestnut Hanoverian Stallion standing in Germany

In October 2007 Callaho travelled to the Hanoverian Stallion Körung in Germany to source a Bellisimo M colt with which to bolster our dressage breeding program, having been extremely impressed by the sons and track record of this exciting sire. At his 30-day stallion performance test at Zweibrucken Bellisimo’s final dressage score of 9.63 was the highest ever awarded to a stallion at the time. He then went on to win the 4yr old Bundeschampionate in Warendorf and has since established himself as one of the very finest dressage progenitors in Germany.

To tell Benicio’s story we need to go back to the beginning and talk to Jaco Fourie “Benicio is a phenomenon. At the Hanoverian Stallion market in Verden, he was in a different class. Even though the quality of the 101-odd stallions being presented was amazing, I knew there was only one stallion for us: Benicio. Once home in South Africa, he just took everything in his stride, getting along with everyone and everything. Because he found everything so easy, Benicio was simply MADE to do dressage; I have never felt that on any horse before, or since.  He has everything: looks, pedigree, gaits and the best of characters.” 

In 2010, when we realized that this stallion belonged on the world stage we exported him back to Germany. The rest is History: The unknown Benicio came out of nowhere to win the 2011 6yr old German Bundeschampionate under the guidance of Anna Fiebelkorn and six months later he aced his Stallion Performance Test at Schliekau with perfect 10’s for walk, trot and canter. His final score for the dressage section, 9.88, superseded even that of his father and was the highest score ever achieved in the history of the stallion performance test. Tellingly, with his top-of-class jumping score of 8.43, this competence is also reliably transmitted to his progeny. Now having been meticulously trained to Grand Prix level by Jessica Andersson, this one-in-a-million stallion with his dream paces, faultless rideability and character has captivated the European dressage breeding community. For several years we’ve had to constrain the huge demand for his services. The results speak for themselves: in his short breeding career in Germany Benico has already produced nine licensed sons (of whom 4 are Premium stallions) as well as dozens of State Premium mares.


Benicio Pedigree