We make use of fresh, chilled and frozen semen. Fresh semen is collected on the farm on a daily basis, spun down and prepared. All semen is evaluated first before it is inseminated into the mare, regardless of whether it is fresh, chilled or frozen. All our embryo transfers are done through Johannesburg-based veterinarian Dr Carel de Bruyn.

We currently utilise seventeen breeding stallions; of which twelve are imported, three locally bred, and two based overseas. The imports consist of: For Joy (Hanoverian) (For Pleasure / Don Carlos / Antrieb), Lissabon (Oldenburg, Hanoverian approved) (Lordanos / Sion / Contender), Con Coriano (Holsteiner) (Contender / Coriano / Ramiro Z), Victory For Ever (Selle-Francais) (Corofino / Galobet / Night and Day xx), Casparon (Holsteiner) (Caspar / Catoki / Lavall I), Corinth (Holsteiner) (Cormint / Grundyman xx / Carneval), Sampras (Hanoverian) (Stakkato / Achill-Libero H / Calypso II), Larison (Holsteiner) (Larimar / Calido I / Calypso II), Tolano Van’T Riethof (Belgium) (Chin Chin / Goldspring de Lauzelle / Lugano van la Roche), Carnaval La Silla (Holsteiner) (Carthago / Landadel / Lord), Chiletto (Holsteiner) (Carthago / Caletto II / Consul), Bolzano Du Quinze (Selle-Francais) (Quaprice Boimargot Quincy / Ryon D’Azex X / Impulsive X).

For more information of the stallions, see the Stallion page.

German-based Stallions we utilise: Benicio (Hanoverian) (Belissimo M / Velten Third / Wanderkoenig), Commodos (Holsteiner) (Cristo / Quick Star / Ramiro Z) and Commissario (Hanoverian) (Catoki / Contendro I / Raphael).

In addition we are fortunate to have the use of frozen semen from the following sires: Stolzenberg (Hanoverian) (Stakkato / Sandro / Dinar), Brentano II (Hanoverian) (Bolero / Grande / Ferdinand), Quidam’s Rubin (Holsteiner) (Quidam’s de Revel / Landgraf I / Caletto I), Rotspon (Hanoverian) (Rubinstein I / Argentan / Pik Bube), Baloubet Du Rouet (Selle-Francais) (Galoubet A / Starter / Bel Avenir), Contendro I (Holsteiner) (Contender / Reichsgraf / Rasputin) (Holsteiner), Kannan (KWPN) (Voltaire / Nimmerdor / Le Mexico), Don Juan (Hanoverian) (Don Carlos / Eljen / Fernruf), Alligator Fontaine (Selle-Francais) (Noren / Dark Tiger xx / Nykio), Burggraaf (Holsteiner) (Landgraf I / Cor de La Bryere / Mandarin), Abdullah (Trakehner) (Donauwind / Maharadscha / Absalon), Rabino (Holsteiner) (Ramiro / Calypso II / Ladykiller xx).

Our aim is to have at least 60 mares in-foal so as to ensure at least 50 trainable horses ready for auction each year. Reabsorption or aborting for whatever reason are realities and must be taken into consideration. There are some of these mares in-foal to one of our stallions that are placed on the auction as well.

We make use of Deep Uterine Insemination, which places the sperm higher up in the fallopian tube and closer to the possible ovulating follicle; this makes the chance of pregnancy higher, and the sperm usage lower. The success rate of pregnancies has increased by 20% since the use of DUI.