We open our doors on the first weekend of June, to our family, friends and fellow voracious horse-lovers. We ask you to join us for yet another celebration of what it is to share in the lives of our most treasured companions.

In accordance with Team Callaho’s policy, there is no sale of any of the Team Callaho Stallion’s coverings. This year however, we are auctioning 3 doses of The Horse of The Year In Hand Champion for 2017, Callaho’s Lissabon.

After Lissabon’s full first year on the Showing circuit, Team Callaho wish to celebrate his successes by offering his service this year to our avid sport horse breeders.

For the auctioning of Team Callaho’s Lissabon semen, the following terms and conditions will be adhered to.

• The term ‘covering’ will be, for the purpose of this Auction, interpreted as one (1) pregnancy of a fertile mare.

• A pregnancy may require more than one insemination attempt.

• Numerous attempts will be at Callaho’s discretion after veterinary consultation.

• The mare will be accepted as pregnant after the 30 day ultrasound scan and indication of heartbeat.

• The attending veterinarian will be Dr C de Bruyn or any other veterinarian as determined by himself.

• The buyer of the covering must decide, in conjunction with the veterinarian which mare he/she wishes to use with special regard to breeding soundness / fertility.

• Callaho will cover the cost of frozen semen shipping or fresh semen collection and processing.

• Any further veterinary fees such as teasing, synchronisation, insemination etc are for the buyers account.

• Embryo Transfers will only be allowed for competitive mares or on the veterinarian’s recommendation if the donor mare cannot carry the pregnancy to term.

• The covering must be utilised within two (2) breeding seasons.

• The bought covering is NOT transferable.