Callaho was well represented at this years Derby with some great results.

Two combinations competed in the main event, Cayleigh Triggol with her mare, Callaho Louisa and Tara Louw and Kuda Insurance Foreigner (Auction 2011), both had beautiful rounds with Tara finishing in 10th place with just 8 faults.



South African Derby: Foreigner – Tara Louw – 10th

1.50m Competition: Foreigner – Tara Louw – 6th

MicroDerby: Callaho Fiorella – Jeanne Korber – 10th

1.35m Competition: Callaho Fiorella – Jeanne Korber – 4th

1.35m Competition: Callaho Forlandus – Rainer Korber – 4th

1.30m  Derby: Callaho Lansink – Rainer Korber – 2nd

1.30m Competition: Callaho’s Emil – Zdenek Muchna – 2nd, Callaho Lansink – Rainer Korber – 10th

1.30m A2 Competition: Callaho’s Emil – Zdenek Muchna – 4th, Callaho Lumos – Annieke Vreken – 10th

1.30m Competition: Callaho Lansink – Rainer Korber – 1st

1.20m Derby: Callaho Let’s Go – Chris Van Der Merwe – 7th

1.20m Competition: Callaho Let’s Go – Chris Van Der Merwe – 3rd, Callaho Fanatiker – Vanessa Lyon – 7th

1.20m A2 Competition: Callaho Fanatiker – Vanessa Lyon – 4th, Callaho Le Cadeau – Desiree Pienaar – 8th, Callaho Le Padre – Zdenek Muchna – 12th



Mini Derby Q1 Elem 3: Callaho Furieux – Jessie van Eck – 1st, Callaho Socrates – Andrea Harrison – 2nd, Callaho Sinatra – Kelly Slater – 5th

Mini Derby Q2 EM 1: Callaho Socrates – Andrea Harrison – 3rd



Callaho Lissabon – Alex Maloney, 1st Show Riding Horse over 1.63m

Champion Show Riding Horse